The Projects below are photographic images that require additional equipment, different processing, or just some photoshop. The end result is the image as it was first imaged. 

The Small World-Color

Micro and macro- this gallery brings those things small in closer focus

The Small World- B&W

The Black and White Macro- 

The Dark City

Inspired by the work of a well-known photographer, The Dark City is a project depicting a new way to see Providence, RI. 

Click on the image to see the collection.

Barns, Bottles, and Trucks

Textured Expressions Project

The prints you see started out as color slides and digital files. They have been transformed to prints through a multiple-step process in Photoshop and Painter. Each one is unique. For these images to be appreciated, they must be seen large, for their beauty lies in their details.Click on the image to see the collection.

The Midnight Light Project

Nikon N90s Slide Film

 The Midnight Light project started as a desire to capture the mysteries of the old brownstone structures of the industrial revolution era. The concept was to produce nostalgic images with a rich low-key tonal range. Our model for lighting was based on film noir where masters of lighting created drama, intrigue, and suspense by choosing what was hidden, and what was revealed by the light. Enter our realm, the realm of the Midnight Light.

Click on the image to see the collection.

Creations of Stone

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