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What is Covered?

I offer one-on-one instruction suited to Your needs. With a private lesson, you can increase your technical skills, and improve your creative vision. Topics that can be covered include developing your vision and creativity, field techniques, composition, post-processing, and a review of your images and constructive critiques. You decide what is best for you.

You tell me how you would like to improve your photography and I will put a custom secession together for you. I ask that you provide me with samples of your work so I can evaluate your strong and weak areas. You can choose to work on one of the categories above such as post-processing or we can do a full program from inspiration to print. The program will be suited to your needs. In the field, shooting secession's, or a classroom setting can be arranged.

Possible areas of learning are:

Field Technique

• Camera settings
• Exposure
 • Composition


 • How to import your images to make a well-organized
• How to import your images to make a well-organized catalog and add metadata such as copy write and keywords.

 • How to further refine your catalog with editing, ratings, and labels to sort and rank your images.
 • How to analyze an image for what to enhance, and then correct with Lightroom’s tools in the Develop tab.


• Analyzing the image for what to enhance, correct.
 • Working with adjustment layers.
• Special techniques such as color to black and white conversion, texturing, mirroring, compositing, and masking.
 • Working with plug-ins; Nik Software, Topaz Software, Capture One, and DxO Software.

For more information contact us at info@twistedtreephoto.com

Photo Clubs

I am available to speak at your photo club. A few of my presentations are below.

The True Photographic Process-From Concept to Completion"
The steps to achieving great landscape images. Not all great images are happy accidents; they are created through a process of research, action, review, and refinement.

Content will include:
• Inspiration
• Pre-planning images
• Types of landscape photography
• Explore bold black and whites
• Become a student of light and color
• On location thought process
• Best lens for the subject
• How to select a viewpoint
• Pre-planning locations to ensure you get the relevant images

" In the Shadow of the Masters- Black and White Photography"
 It stirs our emotions and poses questions. The interplay of what is revealed in the light and what is hidden in the dark spins the story. Sometimes what is concealed in the shadows is more important than what in plain sight. How to create dramatic Black and White images.

Content will include:
• Inspiration
• Black & white versus color
• How to think in black & white
• Using lighting, leading lines and geometric area to enhance the image
• Using shadows to hide and light to reveal
• Camera settings for better outcome
• Post-processing for a dynamic photograph

"Becoming a Student of Light and Color"

That light and color can evoke moods are undeniable. They affect us emotionally and psychologically. Learn how to compose more compelling images, by becoming a student of light and color.

Content will include:
• Inspiration
• Quality of light: size, direction & color
• Color and composition
• Using light and color to move the viewers eye through the image
• Using post-processing to finalize your image
• Dodging, burning and color grading to enhance the image.

"The Slowing of Time"
The theory and use of long exposures using neutral density filters. Plus an introduction to time lapse.

Content will include:
• Inspiration
• Composition: opposites attract: It’s all about contrast
• How the length of the exposure determines the effect
• Types of equipment needed
• Post-processing for adjustments
• Accelerating time an introduction to time-lapse photography.

Rocky Point

" The Night Sky"
Beginners course for shooting the night skies. Learn how to capture the beauty of the night from quiet starlit landscapes to vibrant city lights. Capture images that show detail in the night sky that are not visible to the human eye and dramatic nighttime cityscapes showing the light and color of the city life juxtaposed against the silent dark backgrounds.

Content will include:
• Inspiration
• Shooting night skies and cityscapes
• Blending day and night images • Best camera settings
• Times to shoot • What equipment is required
• Post processing tricks to enhance and “finish” the image

.For more information contact us at info@twistedtreephoto.com

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