The Southwest United States is our favorite place to photograph. We have made many journeys to this area. We look forward going back time after time. There are so many wonderful things to see here from the National Parks and Monuments to the small dirt roads. Around every corner, there is a new discovery.

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The Eastern Seaboard

New England offers a perspective on landscape and travel Photography that tells a story of the people of the area. In Maine, you find a rugged land and seascapes. Massachusetts and Rhode Island gives you sand beaches and Architecture from the 1600's on. New Hampshire has the mountains that glow red and gold in the fall and white in the winter. Vermont gives us a view of rolling hills dotted with farms and covered bridges.

Nova Scotia's coastline vistas with rich green highlands and beautiful blue waters. Newfoundland quaint fishing villages virtually untouched since the turn of the 19th century, surrounded by landscapes from seemingly lost worlds. These are some of the interesting places in the Canadian North Atlantic Coast.

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Yellowstone and The Tetons

The American West, a grand and glorious expanse of beauty from the great mountains to the crisp blue waters of the ocean. This area of the U.S. is characterized by vast open areas, grand landscapes, and an absence of people. These areas are inhabited instead by the likes of elk, moose, and mountain goats. Each of the west collections is unique, from the quiet mountain lakes of Glacier to the roaring waterfalls of Yosemite. Yellowstone is a great place to see wild animals as well as some of the most unusual landscapes in North America.

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